Our Mining Investment Philosophy

Umbono has a unique approach to mining investing. Unlike ETFs and most mining funds that track indices of the largest mining companies representing mainly iron ore, copper, steel and gold exposure, Umbono’s Global Mining Fund identifies sub-sector metals that are at cycle lows based on inherent supply and demand factors. We select stocks that present “deep value” opportunities for these preferred metals, including smaller companies, and augment this with a hedge strategy to exploit downside opportunities in what we consider overvalued metals and companies, taking short positions on overvalued assets at cycle peaks. The Fund is restricted for investment by institutions and US accredited investors

Drawing on Umbono’s 20+ year track record in mining, the investment team has generated impressive returns since the Fund’s inception in late 2015. Our broader team’s footprint in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia provides “grassroots” insight into major mining jurisdictions and assets

We believe that metals and mining assets have ”significant room to run” being at levels close to their Financial Crisis lows, and at multi-decade lows relative to the S&P 500. Commodities, particularly metals and mining assets, typically outperform other major asset classes during the current stage of the financial cycle that we find ourselves in, and typically also provide excellent diversification against major asset classes